InMotion Vs. WP Engine – Hosting Services Compared!

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There are so many hosting service providers in the market these days that choosing on which is effective and works best for your website is often a tough choice. While most of the hosting service providers do just one thing - provide hosting solutions, there are some bigger hosting service providers that provide customized managed solutions to help you get all the solutions you're looking for under one roof. If you're looking for a customized program then there are two names that come to mind WP Engine and InMotion. A WordPress hosting is always suitable for businesses and bloggers alike. So let's take a lost look at what these hosting services have to offer.


InMotion is the biggest competitor for WP Engine today. The services that InMotion have to offer are similar to WP Engine and the cost of hosting a website on this server is cheaper. InMotion offers fast loading speed with their Max Speed Zones. This helps websites load faster in comparison to other hosting services. They offer a back up restoration for your website every four months and the service is free. InMotion offers support for its user over the phone, via chat and email. They also have a live hat support system to help you. InMotion has over 310 applications that you can integrate with your website to make it function better. You also get the pre installation for websites like WorbPress, Joomla and PrestaShop. It also offers unlimited domain hosting, a dedicated hosting service, unlimited storage and an impressive uptime of 99.91%. The cost to host a website on InMotion is approx $3.49 to $7.49 per month. You can also find a few coupon codes that can help you get further discounts on this hosting service. All those reviews and coupons have been listed by webhostingfind blog.

WP Engine

To begin with, WP Engine still remains the number one choice for most business owners both large and small for a number of reasons. The service might cost you more than other hosting companies, but for those who prefer quality service over quantity, WP Engine is the perfect hosting service to opt in for. They offer a daily back up for data restoration which is unbeatable in the market. Their technical support team is available 24/7 and this means your website is never at a risk since you can get the problem resolved anytime. WP Engine provides users with built in templates which reduces the cost of hiring a web designer to create a website. This also saves on the maintenance cost that one needs to bear up when the website design is created by a third party. Hacking a WP Engine hosted website is near to impossible and this means your information is always safe on this platform. While the cost of hosting a website here each month starts from $29 for a personal plan, you end up saving a lot more on other services which you need to purchase for a hosting service which is not managed as well as WP Engine. There are a number of coupon codes available for WP Engine online to help you get better prices for their services, go here to check the all WP Engine coupons.

Increased traffic, 99.99% uptime and faster loading websites are some of the reasons why WP Engine is still at the top of the list when it comes to the best hosting services.

Is SiteGround Shared Hosting Enough for You?

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting

In simple words Web Hosting, a website means making a website available to public worldwide. When we create a website, we want people to see it. We need web hosting to run our website online to make it visible to people. If you are looking to build a website without taking web hosting services, registering domain names will serve no purpose. A web hosting company makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the web. This will help you a lot especially if you are a new user. A good hosting will help you to establish your website and your business.

There are a lot of web hosts available in the market these days. The top web hosts these days are SiteGround, Bluehost, HostGator etc. There are also a lot of different types of web hosting services available in the market as well. These are Shared web hosting, Dedicated web hosting, virtual private server and managed web hosting etc. In this article, we would be discussing the various advantages that SiteGround Shared Hosting gives to users.

What is Shared Hosting:

In a nutshell, Shared web hosting means that there is only one physical server. This physical server is used by many users and the resources are shared. When you are using a shared hosting platform, each customer will have his own limit on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc. All performance resources on a physical machine (server) are shared. The RAM and CPU, the single Apache server, the single MySQL server and the single mail server are on a shared basis. A Shared web hosting is the most economical way of hosting a website. This is because the expenditures per machine are covered by many users. Due to the reasonable prices and savings shared hosting is a good option for new users. Shared web hosting saves time and headaches. This is because somebody else is taking care of the server’s maintenance, therefore it is the preferred choice for smaller websites and new users.

SiteGround Shared Hosting:

For a new user who is looking to establish his website, we will say that SiteGround Shared Hosting is a great option. You can get discount on the first purchase using SiteGround coupon codes from SelectedHosting. SiteGround’s most popular hosting plans are the SiteGround Shared hosting plans. There are three plans that SiteGround offers in shared hosting. This plan starts from $3.95/month and goes all the way up towards $14.95/month. The name of the initial plan is StartUp plan. It will cost the user a $3.95/month with 10 GB HDD space, bandwidth worth 10,000 monthly visits etc. The second plan is the GrowBig plan which will cost $7.95/month. In this plan, the user will get 20 GB HDD space and 25,000 monthly visits. The third is the GoGeek plan. It is basically for the more expert users. It will cost you at $14.95/month. In this, the user will be given 30 GB HDD space with 100,000 monthly visits.  Apart from being pocket-friendly, SiteGround Shared hosting has a lot of other advantages as well.







One Website



10GB Web Space

20GB Web Space

30GB Web Space

Pros of SiteGround Shared Hosting:

There are a lot of positives that SiteGround offers to its customers. All the essential features are given below.

  •  One of the top reasons why many customers have changed from old hosting to SiteGround is a lack of customer support. SiteGround offers a very good customer support in the market today. Many hosting services claim to be with good customer support but one had to wait for hours to get a response over a ticket. This is not the case with SiteGround, almost all the issues are resolved quickly. They resolve the issues as fast as they can.
  • SiteGround uses SuperCacher technology for improved and faster speed. SuperCacher is their in-house technology which adds several layers of caching. This will help your site load faster than before.
  • SiteGround offers you 1 year of free SSL certificate.
  • SiteGround also keeps a 30 backup of your data. With seven offsite backups of your account from seven consecutive days, SiteGround claims no data loss
  • SiteGround maintains fewer accounts on a server so that your site is faster.
  • SiteGround has easy WordPress & Joomla Staging.
  • Free PCI compliance.
  • Ultra-Fast Platform- SiteGround uses lightweight Linux containers supported with SSD disk that results in unmatched resource efficiency and site speed.
  • Free CDN and Multiple Locations- SiteGround has 4 available data centers around the world. With a free CDN this will help in better geographical accessibility and speed.

Well, these pretty much sum up the Advantages that SiteGround has to offer for a new user. But there are some Disadvantages too. A new user should keep a check on these before buying a SiteGround Shared Hosting.

Cons of SiteGround Shared Hosting:

1.Limited features: The cheapest plan is slightly restricted. You may not get all the high-end features in this cheapest plan.

2.Limited storage and bandwidth: The initial plan comes with only 10 GB of storage. This is good for a new user. But if you are serious website users, 10 GB won’t be enough. On the other hand, there’s no specific mention of bandwidth on the website.

  1. When it comes to SiteGround bandwidth rather it’s just an approximation of visitors to a website per month.

4.No free trial:  SiteGround does not give free trial like other companies. So if you are a new user it will be difficult for you to choose. As a result, SiteGround’s service could often feel like a burden.


Reading the surface level facts mentioned in this article, we can say choosing SiteGround Shared Hosting is a good option. For better and cheaper rates on website hosting, check with affiliates to get a discount coupon. SiteGround has focused its attention on the key factors that matter to a website owner the most. SiteGround prices make it a good deal for small business owners and new users. SiteGround’s business model of concentrating on the things that matter most has really set them apart over the last few years. Helping the user in every possible way has been their motto for years now. High-end technology and dedicated team make them a perfect choice for newbies who want to establish their website and business.

Features of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Wordpress is undoubtedly the most preferred CMS for blogging. And, there is no choice but Bluehost is the ultimate option if you are dealing with Wordpress. Bluehost is the most optimized hosting on this context. It is fast, easy to use and there is enough protective features available as well.  

Bluehost is dedicated for Wordpress making it the most enhanced platform for the Wordpress powered site. The best part is that there is no question of secret amount or condition. In fact, they offer anytime money-back guarantee. You can start just at $12.49 first month.

Perfectly Customized:

Based on most enhanced VPS concept Bluehost have developed a great pattern perfect for Wordpress. All these are made for making the Wordpress more secure, flexible, and enhanced. Through the process you enjoy a speed of great level.

The distinguishing parts like Advanced NGINX, PHP-FPM composition make it best suitable for Wordpress. It is incredibly simple as well so that even a newbie can handle it without ant hesitation. 

Perfect back-up, control panel, safety, and above all its quite official:

We've integrated key features and built tools that make it a breeze to run WordPress:

There are some excellent plugins those ensure revamping site is easiest thing in the world. Bluehost comes with the option to handle multiple sites and offer back-up. There is the custom control panel that is best to handle Wordpress on server. It has the native SiteLock spec for the best safety of your site.  The revamped CDN, SiteLock WAF make Wordpress best with Bluehost. 

Bluehost is recommended by since 2005. It has engineered the best technology so that the site remains up and instant always.

Dedicated for WordPress enhancing performance:

KNM hypervisor makes your resources perfectly personalized. It has the native custom tool for best management of mail, domains, etc. Irrespective of plan they offer specific back-up, and the process has been made quite spontaneous ensuring the data stays at the safest condition.

There are enhanced options available through upgrades for enhancing performance, storage that can be facilitated within clicks. They implement best hardware units to ensure flawless performance.

Bluehost is committed to enhance the Wordpress platform and to grow it. There are one million sites through Wordpress hosted by Bluehost. They conduct WordCamps over the globe as well.

Always stay at the beneficial side through discount coupons:

Bluehost is already pocket friendly, and the discount coupons make it even more interesting. Through the discount coupons ( ) you can find about $2.49 discount for any plan that originally costs around $6. Upon going with 3 years plan they offer the best discount. Anyway, the discount is there for one and two years plan as well, but a little lesser through the discount cpoupons.

These discounts just get unbelievably higher, to about 90% during the special occasions like Black Firday.


On a whole, if you choose Wordpress as your platform, or you are a professional blogger, then nothing can be a better option than Bluehost. It is cost-effective, technologically enhanced, secure, and above all available at the most affordable price in comparison.    

Why Shared Hosting is the Best Option for New Blog

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Shared Web Hosting

Choosing a good hosting option is something like knowing alphabets before reading a book. On this aspect, for the beginners, we want to suggest for the comparatively cost-effective shared hosting option without being too diplomatic.

Being a fresher in this world of web, it is obvious to get baffled with so many options. Don't be too loose with your pocket as this is experimenting stage, and at the same time you have to go with the reliable option. Both the above aspects point towards shared hosting option.

Which Web hosting Type for a Beginner Blogger/Webmaster?

There are many platforms available for blogging these days. However, WordPress is the most popular and highly recommended option these days for both beginners and experts we recommend Linux hosting for your WordPress blog.

Shared Hosting is the Best Option

The best part about shared hosting for which it is highly recommended for newbie is because they solve many issues a fresher doesn’t know instantly (and in a competitive world very few people teach you straight away). After you grow in terms of your content richness, or resources, you can shift towards a dedicated hosting.

Comparative Financial View

One has to spend about $10/month at maximum if he/she goes with the shared hosting option. Where as, going with dedicated or any other option he may need $30/month minimum. In case of HostGator you have to spend $3.95/month. BestHostGatorCouponCode offers different HostGator coupon codes to get 25-75% discount. Keep an eye on offers like HostGator 75% Off Sale.

SEO Doesn't Get Affected:

We want to make it sure that the shared hosting doesn’t affect your search engine works. It is here to mention that hosting option has nothing to do with your ranking system. However, you should make sure about the up-time that is not a big deal to enquire for a beginner.


Security is always a major issue for any site, no matter whether it is a blogging or eCommerce one. Being a beginner you are absolutely not aware of the kind of possible web attacks your site may face. In addition installing something about which you don't know much is never recommended. The hosting company takes care of all the security issues. Hence it is suggested to go with shared hosting until you accumulate enough knowledge.

Lesser Management Works

There are many aspect involved with the administration of a blog site. Being a newbie it may get harassing for you initially to deal with all these. The hosting companies take care of all these issues for shared web hosting. Being the lone user of the server you have to do all these things of your own in case of dedicated or any other web hosting.

Easy Analysis Tools

This is one of the important aspects for a blogger. I would term it crucial especially for the new bloggers. Being a fresher you should have a thorough dig at your performance, so that you can improve it in future. The shared hosting works fine for a newbie on this matter. The hosting house lets you have the complete picture. Thing is comparatively complex, and you have to know yourself (have to pay extra to get assist) with other hosting options.

Our Picked Hosting House

Though many companies provide shared hosting, still, we suggest going with Bluehost hosting, especially as it is recommended by WordPress, the most blogging platform these days.

A Brief Review on Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated Web Hosting

Before going for a blogging site, or any kind of eCommerce site, a person has to decide about the hosting option. In fact, web hosting is a major concern in any kind of web based business. Basically there are two kinds of hosting options are available. These are shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Among these two, the former one is not so flexible and feature rich in comparison to the later, the dedicated server hosting. Let’s have an analytical view about the dedicated server hosting.

What Exactly is Dedicated Hosting?

As the name suggests this is one of the most personalized hosting options. It means you are only user to host your sites through the server. Naturally, you are going to enjoy all the resources available with the server for your website. That’s the reason this has become a favourite option for the high-end websites. The webmasters having many years of experience always prefer to go with the dedicated web hosting.

Bandwidth and Storage Space

This is the aspect for which the dedicated server is much favourable. Being the only user for the server you are open to enjoy the complete bandwidth. However, most of the hosting companies provide infinite storage space and bandwidth for the dedicated server. There are some other companies those tie the bandwidth cost with monthly amount for the dedicated server. It is still beneficial as you have the option to deal at your way.


As we have mentioned above this is pretty much personalized. Users enjoy the complete resource. Now, it is apparent that you have to pay higher for the better facilities. Dedicated server hosting is costlier than shared hosting options where many other users also enjoy the same server resources. Normally, it costs around $30-$50 for dedicated hosting service. In comparison you can have the shared hosting service at around $10. Save more money by using bluehost coupons.


This is one aspect through which you can decide whether you should go with dedicated hosting or not. One has to posses the all knowledge of activities involved in making a site ready through the dedicated hosting server. Though the administration part can be handled by making some extra payment, still it is not recommended as it becomes too costly. Hence, you should be aware of all the web master tools before going for this.


This is another positive aspect of dedicated server hosting. The user can assure and manipulate his/her security concerns through the dedicated server only. There are absolutely no fears of malware, spyware, virus and other security related issue as the server hosts only your sites. In addition, you can install your security software, scripts as well for the better protection.

SEO Friendly

The SEO friendly nature of dedicated hosting server forces the top bloggers to go with it. This is search engine friendly and almost no fear of getting blacklisted. This is so as there is no way available for the spammers or blackhat appliers. Dedicated server is best way to get rid of the pornography spams. Until and unless you do something unethical according to IT laws you are obvious to enjoy the SEO optimized tools with the dedicated server hosting. Know more about dedicated hosting by visiting this link:


It looks pretty obvious for it to play well after going through the above points. The loading time is pretty satisfactory as there is always one way traffic available for your server. With the mammoth bandwidth and storage space the dedicated server hosting always ensures best performance.

Check Domain History before you Buy One

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Domain Names

While buying a domain for a website, many people prefer buying a domain that is previously owned, because these domains are usually available for lower the original price. Old domains don't usually create problems but pre-owned ones sometimes do. What if the second hand domain you are buying had issues with Google search? It could have black hat SEO issues or something else that made it down-ranked in Google search results. All your investment will go into vein then. To make sure that doesn't happen, it is wise to run a background check on the domain you are planning to buy.

What’s the Good News?

The good news is; internet really is an open place. You can't really own a domain without leaving remarkable traces and creating a domain history. So the domain you are planning to buy must have its own history which you have to find out and judge before it is bought. It is very easy to know if the domain had any malicious activities on the website or inappropriate content history on it; or maybe it was as clean as a white slate. The domain could even be owned by many previous owners; make sure you aren't taking anything rotten in your plate.

Since the past is very important to search engines on internet, it is required to check every page of it before you are about to buy a pre-owned domain. Don't just take a ride if it just got the looks you have been looking for. Rather, do your research. Prevention is better than cure!

How to Check the History of Domains

Since there are issues with history of domains, the internet is populated with plenty of tools to check out the history. It can find out the background of almost any domain on the internet. If it can't, just refrain from buying that particular domain! It must have an issue or it malfunctions.

Mentioned below are few best tools that are very popular with their respective users.

Domain Tools

If you are asking for the ‘best’ tool, we can suggest you 'Domain Tools'. This is often called the best because it is full of options! DNS Tools, Domain Monitor, Reverse IP, Domain History – these are some most used tools in Domain Tools. This is a paid service though. For $49.50 per month, you get to avail the service. There’s nothing called a free lunch on earth; every good thing costs money.

Internet Wayback Machine

If you don't want an expensive service then Internet Wayback Machine is the tool you are looking for. An open source organization named 'Internet Archive' has created this free & open source tool that everyone can use for free. Just time travel through past and find out everything you need to know.

Whois Database

Checking the domain Whois Database is another best thing you could do about knowing the history of a domain. It’s a free tool and contains past activities, owner information, various statistics etc.

Norton Safe Web

Check the security background of the domain you are willing to purchase with this website. It lets you know whether the domain was ever involved in any malicious or harmful activities. To check the safety, Norton Safe Web is indeed the best tool.


Buying a brand new domain is the safest practice, but if it’s not possible then these tools can get the job done for you. The history checking tools are really trustworthy and save your day!